The Fallout Equestria: Remains, is a side scrolling game. With Littlepip or your customizable character in the lead role, a huge assortment of weapons, creepy wasteland environments, raiders, monsters, physics, telekinesis, quests, skills and perks, excellent animations and much more.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Role Playing, Shooter


pfe.exe 254 MB


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Мне нравится игра

Hello! I'm wondering about the Windows version of the game. Technically, is it still using flash technology or it's been migrated to a different engine?

hey j instaled game and finished boss fight with shaman and talk to steel hovves so would you help me what to do because in task says 

the story continues in the next version of the game
what to do?
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Does anyone else get the adobe air error when trying to start it? i transferred my files from one computer to another so that might have to do something with it. I'll try downloading it again but it'll suck to restart my save :(

EDIT: got the error for the installer too, figured out how to get adobe air though, yay!

EDIT AGAIN: Damn, I still have to restart my save. Oh well, here goes nothing! ^^

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Greetings and Salutations All,  My question is, will this game be complete?  So far I can only get to the Alicorn Goddess level.  I hope this game is complete.  I wish to play further on from there, if possible.  Some how, here on this site I am not able to play this game here, I do not know why though.  I just joined this section of th page and hope to get as much of good constructive criticisms or advice.  Though I do not always be on the site a lot of the time.

its fully finished, ive beaten it twice

Is the Steelhooves bunker the End?  Or is there more?

there more after that

So far since I have this game, I reach the SteelKnight's Bunker, but Ido not know what is next.  I did download hopefully the complete version of it to play.

the game is fully finished man, as ive said a couple times now

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can you make it to where we dont need flash ad for mac bc i miss playing this game it is fun

Deleted 1 year ago

its not a virus. the game works on web no issue so the download is not a virus

Thanks for the information

plus other people would have complained if it was

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I have beaten the game twice now, and have noticed several things that could have been done better. 1st, melee weapons visually swing at the same speed even if your skill is too low but wont hit as fast, which is annoying. 2nd, the tactical flamethrower is annoying due to its flames arcing downwards and not traveling straight then going up like the normal flamethrower, making it harder to use properly. 3rd, items priced less than one cap and those that sell for less than that shouldn't exist without actual half caps that show up in your menu, and they are not kept track after the purchase/sale. 4th, you can get softlocked in the bunker entrance if you dont have either a rune of return or a pulse bomb.  5th, companions. should've had more variety and not have them all be boring flying drones, maybe have had a pony or zebra as a companion.

Is there a way to play it on Linux ?


if you find a way to run flash then yes

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Here, use wine to play it on Linux, but it may not be perfect.

You can also use Standalone Flash Player to play this game.

1. Download the zip version of this game here, download "pfe".

2. Download Standalone Flash Player here.

3. Unzip the game, run "pfe.swf" through Standalone Flash Player.

PS: If you find graphic errors when playing this game with Standalone Flash Player and Nvidia Prime Driver, then you have 2 ways to solve this.

1. Don't use Nvidia Prime Driver, use Bumblebee, or anything else, just don't set your Nvidia card as a  main graphic output card.

2. Download the Windows version of Standalone Flash Player, run it on wine then play this game.

It keeps saying the movie wont work. is there any way to skip it or fix it?

what movie?

i dont know it just keeps on saying that

where exactly does it say this?

i figured it out it because my flash player doesnt support whatever its talking about



be careful in the bunker, you can be softlocked in the entry if you have no runes of return or any pulsebombs

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is the flash version out of date to the downloaded version? edit: i see in more info that it says its html5 but when i boot it up it says its starting adobe flash

These comments.

uhhh flash gone so missed chance to play :(


theres flash runners that can run flash on windows and mac, and theres a download for windows


bug i mentioned before was solved by reload of game. so far im enjoying it, despite not really being an MLP fan. its funny seeing such cute and colorful characters cursing and stuff. 

seems a bit bugged as i cant interact with most shops?

@Empalu Erm, my Chromebook can't download stuff can you please transfer this to another thing so I can keep playing the browser version?

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OK! I pass this! Game is over. Thunderhead is defeat. When is next part? :)

i love it

Love this game so much. Currently am having a glitch where I can't back to the base camp but other than that everything has been amazing

Great game. Any chance you can hace the option to turn off the blood for younger players?

It died.....

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No died, you can download this game, but you must start from the beginning. Yes me too crying :( I killed the Blood Moon and I was being in Canterlot Ruins :((((

I've gotten to the first boss but I've never killed it on another character but FOR SOME REASON THAT CHARACTER WAS DELETED!!! I got Patriot too.... Foxy Nommin, One of my OC's: MY KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVES ARE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Puts on Headphones and listens to Russian Roulette on loop while playing wholesome cats to try and feel better* 

jsocken, it has a way to save as a file so if you did that you wouldnt need to start over. however my chromebook can still run flash, idk how so not a prob for me

No, now I don't need this. I passed this game to over. :)


how. please tell me how.

the magic of it being a school chromebook. i have no clue how honestly



I just tried the flash with this game (Not Air I don't think) and it works THANK GOD

its soper fun

will you be able to replace flash?

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There is an Adobe Air version that should still work as Air isn't being discontinued, I'd download that one and play it locally (saves the loading times as well). :)

Edit: Not sure if download on this site is Flash or Air but both versions are on deviantart here:


I remember playing this in version 0.5 and decided to go back to it and it's a lot of fun playing as a mage crushing raiders against walls and throwing fire balls at them!

One little quirk I just found is when you beat Butch the music starts playing when you damage his corpse which is quite funny. Thanks for finishing the game!


bronies. yikes.

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Nice Mimics of my games.

Actually Really Good, Not joking.


it just works.

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I made Foxy and she likes knives, when her knives get broken I say in real life: "my knifu broke" in a silly/sad voice and then I cry fake tears but I laugh right after. Then I say YOU KILL MY KNIFU I KILL U and then I kill them in everyway I can.


Where can I download this game in Spanish?



I didn´t find anything but only the other languages


English version

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i mean, spanish version, i only saw a mention of someone that has translated it but, no clue about that bc in 1.0.1 its just a hotfix for windows

edit: the spanish translation is on browser game, need to extract/copy: lang xml, pfe swf, text es xml and optional i think text en xml

Sorry for the delay, open the following link and download "pfe", it contains Spanish translation, other files in the link can be ignored.

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what will happen to this game after flash is gone...i've been really enjoying it and i hate to have to hope its small enough to finish by then but i would love if it was a longer game just i wont be able to finish it if it is..

why dose windows  and other high end computers get downloads while crome is stuck with flash and even that will be gone 


download it

i dont think cromebooks can :/ if so i do not know how to with a crome book

Linux works

Supernova should be fixed eventually... If not? has downloads and a desktop app

When I go on it and enable Flash it shows this blank white screen where the game is supposed to be.

It keeps crashing.

And would be really nice if I save the game in the factory, then it loads the game in the factory where I left off instead of at the beginning at Prancing Pony. There seem to be a lot of little bugs here and there. Good game tho

I have a... small question. How exactly do you get to new areas after tutorial and Base Camp? I can't seem to figure it out exactly. :> Sorry.

You unlock new areas by defeating bosses, the first base camp you get is "Prancing Pony" and by completing a quest by going to Daiquiri in the bar you can unlock the factory area. Then to get more you either complete quests and/or defeat bosses. (Sorry if I said anything that's false because I have not gone past the factory area yet :< )

floor level 5 is the end of factory and takes you to a new place and there is a big boss at the area you got to kill to pass it so make sure to have alot of pain numbing stuff

Welp, I just got Angel Dust so drunk off his ass, he got Alcohol Intoxication!


como puedo teletransportarse de un lado a otro

Remember last year when it said that chrome won't support flash? Well it still supports it now right? WELL F THE FLASH HATERS

But their killing Flash the December... 2020 just keeps getting worse...


Yep... It's true... This is truly a devastating loss...

I'm going to go swear countless times while screaming in my pillow, good day. * Quickly walks away muttering: Shit...shit...shit....shit....* ( You hear a door slam shut and then muffled angered screams )


You poor thing. *Comforts you*

When you download it, the Spanish version is not available .-.

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