The Fallout Equestria: Remains, is a side scrolling game. With Littlepip or your customizable character in the lead role, a huge assortment of weapons, creepy wasteland environments, raiders, monsters, physics, telekinesis, quests, skills and perks, excellent animations and much more.


pfe.exe 182 MB


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Amazing work!

This game is pretty epic, 9/10. I only had a few problems and it seems really polished. Would recommend. 


Holy shit.

I am not a fan of ponies but this game is epic!

surprieme gam

Really nice game!!

nice game


Awesome Game I just started it and already the beginning intro had a impact on me this game is very well Done and I Really Hope you guys finish it i would love to see a fully completed Fallout Equestria Game. Also Hoping Ashes Of Equestria turns out awesome in the end. Anyway I be Keeping watch on this hoping for future updates.

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I Love the book by kkat.This is one of the best designed games for browsers but can you add more character customization for boys


I'm a huge fallout fan, but I've always stayed away from content like this.  Curiosity got the better of me and I loaded up the game and was immediately dumbfounded by the level of graphic quality it had.  the gameplay is near perfect and the pip boy is accurately recreated

10/10 Good Job!  

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Well done DEVS,

I started play thinking "I'll do a 15 minute play" and I ended up playing for 40 minutes before I got my first coffe of the day. The whole presentation, control, storyline is great and I couldn't fault it. The menu system is great and I found myself wanting to know more and how the journey progressed but in the end I had to have a break.

Over the next few days I will do a full play but well done. 

Good luck DEVS


(It's too early for horse puns sorry lol)