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How the heck do you change weapon color?

how so i save

I found how to use the0 console... I am now unstoppable

TH3 T351 W3490N 15 5000 09

Можете ли вы сделать это для телефонов Android?

I am level like 10-15 or something anyone higher?

lvl 28 :P 

how far have u got thru the story ?

I still can't defeat the stupid boss of ManeTec so  I am trying to lvl up s'more

what armour do u have, i was just thrashed over and over again by every enemy of manetec, hardly making enough money per trip to repair my guns, but as soon as i made enough to afford the cheapest armour, it all went better from there. its seriously worth it

XD I still have the strenthened jumpsuit and it breaks worse than my stable one. Stable Jumpsuit: *does not get thrashed* Strengtened Jumpsuit: WTF HOW!!!

I accidentally reloaded the page and lost all my fucking process

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i just realised that i have about 80 hours on this game, but i quit ages ago cos i spent about half of those hours on the final boss (the enclave ship) D:

if any1 can, heeeelp plz

also is there much story after that boss like does anything happen about redeye?

PS. im like 3 lvls too low for it :/  

Deleted 6 days ago

ok hear me out, mod support. is it a good idea?

why or why not.

How many lvls you need to kill the boss of ManTec?

Brilliant idea, what's next Dystopian Care Bears ? Love it!

What is this? Sarcasm? Ofc

Nooo! Sorry totally love this concept. Thought DCB would be a great next project. Yours Sincerely, PR :)

Empalu is russian and I can translate your messages to her so reply to this message if you need a translation.

Can you Mack this for Android phones?

Можете ли вы сделать так, чтобы приглашенные друзья были многопользовательскими?
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Its too bad its impossible to be made for chromeOS, I love this but I can only play it in browser and its really laggy. Is it possible to make this run smoother in browser?

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New concept, a game where you traverse the hell that is chromeOS. Featuring Cromshell as the antagonist.

Edit: Wait, I got it! Linux is the protagonist!

Ok sorry for a second reply, but now I understand what you were talking about. First off, if you can, activate linux in the settings, it's going to help you a lot on itch. Secondly, Good question I have no clue. Chrome OS is hell.

I need help with the main quest mission "Aiding Covertsign": I talked to the council and then I need to speak to Steelhooves to learn about the location of the legion headquarters but the dialog never shows up! I really don't want to lose all my progress but I can't figure out how to fix this issue

I lreally like this game, i cant say anything that hasnt been said already so i wont add to the giant pile of compliments to this game. So the only thing that i will say is i really like this game 

okay i have one thing that annoys me. the enemys are op. I am 4 levels over the remomended level and still i get beat up by enemys. I dont think that that is how it should work but maybe im in the wrong here.

Oh maybe  get 10 lvls?


This is the ONLY horror game I except to play. the others are crappy and are way to scary but one with mlp I will devote my soul to the bada** game!

Wonderful game, plenty of variety to keep players interested. My only change that I'd request is, at the beginning where you can change various settings, there be an option for getting xp from hacks and picked locks. Admittedly mostly because I compulsively interact with everything that I can in the rooms.

That said, I love this game, and I'm rapidly reaching the point where I've played this as much as any of the 3D games. Definitely more than any of the 2D Fallout games. Thank you so much for your work!

this is so awesome!

I love the music in the beginning of this game

This game is good

Hello there. Firstly, great job with the game, I've been really loving it. However, I have noticed some places where English version could use an editor. Thus, I would like to offer my services as just that, an editor.


    Helping Hoof

Quick addendum. If you wish to enlist my services, then you can respond here, on fimfiction, or on the Remains Discord server.

Can you send the server link to me?

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The Discord link? Uhm... sure, here:


Hello, I have been playing the game for a long time and I have to say that it is a wonder, the thing is that the other day I wanted to download it, but when I downloaded it the translation into Spanish was not, and I wanted to know if they would add it in some future, thanks for reading me.

In the top left cornor it says Not secure


looks cool.


After the update, I am getting this error on launch:

The application cannot be installed due to a certificate problem.  The certificate does not match the installed application certificate, does not support application upgrades, or is invalid.  Please contact the application author.

I tried pressing the reinstall button on the itch client. Suggestions on how to fix this? Should I uninstall completely and then reinstall?

Uninstall old version

Thank you that worked great. The new version is wonderful. Thank you very much for making it.

Suggestion: Can you make it so there are more colors and varieties of colors in the character maker?

you tap load game,and chose the name you put on your first character,and if you have no account on this place than make one.

where did my saves go this is the second time its trying to make me start over wtf i liked this game but that's bullshit i don't want to keep doing the same shit over and over and over again fix your shit or you'll lose players and fans

why can't this be for mac as wel

Install the application Wine. It will make this game, and several others, run on Mac.

really?! Thank you! That'd be really helpful! I'll have to try it.


im really stuck and that's no fucking fun like I've been doing the same shit over and over all cuz i can't get my health up like wtf help!!!!!!!!!

Use health potions if not work then use like alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the everything that does not give you debuffs and if you are stuck on the thing then rage

I've lost my saves. I have only refreshed the page today and it's gone. 

It's annoying cause I was lvl 24 or 25 and  just about to fight the boss in the Ministry of Peace. It would bother me to restart the game from nothing.

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Maybe your saves are here somewhere

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\$random symbols$\\

(Chrome browser), just in another folder. I uploaded the update and the folder with saves has changed. This site works this way. Look for the file PFEgame0.sol with the required date. Need to transfer them to the correct folder.

Yes it works! Thank you!


How do you get a Companion?

If you find the phonex enough times, then it will join you

Is there any others?

robot owl you buy the parts the craft the bird, then you get a flying sword as a speel.


Can you make a thing to invite your friends?




when/where do i find the minigun

I have not got there yet so idk sry

I had it long ago... im pretty sure i found it about the time i was at the stable 88..... brass buckshot will probly have it about then 2

How many floors does the factory have?


I thought there where like 12-20

I have a ton of games I hope you like them



hello my name is Erick I hope you read this message.

I spent almost all the time translating the game, I really loved doing it and it would be great if I published the file in Spanish or spoke by mail
I wait your answer.


Я не очень понял, в чём вопрос. Если есть перевод, я могу его добавить к другим. Напиши мне в discord

thank you really aaaaaa i never thought i could talk to you it's an honor to talk to the creator of fallout equestria
I'm already in the group thank you very much.

by the way I can also draw in digital or help in general I don't know if I have another project in mind if that is the case I would like to help
a and I don't know if I am allowed to publish fallout equestrai in Spanish on a facebook page?

Сколько этажей на фабрике?

Thx for translating

eyup lo traduje al español luego se publicara oficialmente 

OK that is the best Spanish translation I have ever seen 👍👍👍

And can you ask Empalu to make a multiplayer if he/she can


hi excuse me can i see the file you created please

Um.....Can you make a invite friends?

wow this seriously good, only 1 problem my browser doesn't support flash anymore and the .exe lags like crazy in spots...(downloaded through the itch io app)... is there anyways i can fix it

also can u sell weapons? i cant seem 2 B able 2... and i have old useless melee weapons & crappy guns with no use for them

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No, you can't. However, There it's it's a function which allows you to hide them from your Pip-Buck. Just interact interact with the Weapons rack in "Prancing Pony" camp, and click the weapons which you do not want to see.

righto thx m8

And phred2 can you plz check out my games there are only 2 but idk how to make games but i have a ton of collections if you want.

sup only just saw ur mesgs, checked them out then, not bad

You can still play it on flash it still works idk why they made it not supporting but it still works so you dont have to download it.

I'm trying to download the new version but my laptop tells me that downloading the files are "Forbidden"? I don't know what's causing this.

Deleted 150 days ago
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Did it only say the files were "forbidden" after downloading the file for awhile, or did it say it as soon as you tried to download it?

If it is the first, it means there was a network error while trying to download the file. You just have to try and download it again.

If it is the latter, I don't know how to help you, but I can point you to a discussion on Google Support, where someone was having a similar issue. Here it is.

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